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By Dave Naples & DJ QuestionMark

Alain Ngalani is Training Tunes brand ambassador and featured athlete.

Alain "The Panther" Ngalani started learning Judo at the age of six, following his brothers. He started showing ability early, winning back-to-back junior tournaments in Cameroon and all over Africa. He was influenced by his mother, who loved the sport and wanted her boys to learn discipline and focus their energy positively. As a youth he cut down his judo training in order to study other styles such as Karate (Shotokan, Koshiki and Kyokushin), Kickboxing, SavateSanda and Muay Thai. At elder age he also picked up other disciplines like boxing, jiu-jitsu and wrestling in preparation for fighting in MMA competitions. In addition to martial arts, he worked as a bodyguard for VIPs and high-profile personalities in Côte d'Ivoire before immigrating to Hong Kong in 2001.

While based in Hong Kong, he travelled to Thailand, Japan and Mainland China to win numerous titles. When the "Planet Battle" promotion was formed in 2008, Ngalani became a regular fighter for the organization. After defeating Michael McDonald at Planet Battle I in June 2008, he went on to compete in the 8-man tournament at Planet Battle II in November 2008. Ngalani, who was ordered by doctors not to fight due to a severely injured right knee, lost to Brian Douwes via knockout with a knee in the quarter-final. He then bounced back by knocking out Eduardo Maiorino at Planet Battle III on June 6, 2009. At Planet Battle IVon October 7, 2009, Ngalani defeated Bob Sapp via decision, and then on March 26, 2010, he stopped Carter Williams with low kicks at Planet Battle V.

Ngalani could not continue after getting knocked down with an alleged punch to the back of his head against Dževad Poturak in 2011. The match was for the IKA Super Heavyweight World Championship and was considered a no contest.

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