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I’ve been helping people just like you get strong and look good naked since 2005. You’ll spot me in hardcover books, research papers, and in some of the most respected fitness publications in the world. Pen pushing is only my second job though… 

I’m a Coach, “fitness maverick” and forward-thinker. I’ve accrued tens of thousands of hours coaching in-person, from celebs, to athletes, to Olympia competitors. I’m currently  contracted to the BBC training their executives, hold the position of Fitness Director with MYOBAND, and a sponsored Athlete with MIRAFIT.

During my time as a Coach I’ve helped my clients overcome every obstacle under the sun, ultimately allowing them to make breakthrough changes in their strength and physique.

It hasn’t always been about looking great naked though. My formal education and background is as a strength and conditioning coach. I started out my years working solely with some of the best football and rugby teams in the UK, helping them get leaner, stronger and faster.

Working with large groups of athletes was great fun for the first 5 years or so, but 1-2-1 felt the most natural and rewarding. Training such a broad range of athletes and clients with different physique and performance goals helped me gain a deeper understanding of a variety of training methods. My athletes are in great shape and my physique clients feel stronger and more athletic.

In 2014 I co-authored The Complete Running and Marathon Book (DK Publishing) where you’ll find all the strength and core exercises you need to run further and faster. My latest book, Ultimate Abs: The Definitive Guide to Building a Chiseled Six-Pack (Human Kinetics) has been named as the most comprehensive guide on core and abdominal training ever written. You’ll find it available at Human KineticsAmazon and all good book stores worldwide. 

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